About Soul Mates Candles

We have been handcrafting our Pure Soy candles since 2005. No chemicals or additives are used in our candles.

After learning the toxicity of burning Paraffin candles, and I love candles, I made it my mission to create clean burning nontoxic candles! Voila, Soul Mates Candle co. was created.

There are so many new Soy candle producers jumping on the band wagon! Please do your research carefully! We do not produce room sprays, body lotions, lip balm as all body products have to be FDA approved. OUR SPECIALTY IS PURE SOY CANDLES!

Our fragrances are a natural formulation containing NO phthalates or parabens. Our wicks are all cotton paper core. We have tried crackling wood wicks and found they are more difficult to light, as they require more heat to get started, and need to be trimmed more frequently to keep the candle burning properly. Again different scents were harder to to burn properly and needed a larger wood wick! We were not interested in that game!

The Soy wax is non GMO and Vegan.

We ONLY USE PURE SOY WAX and not Coconut Soy! We found during testing that some fragrances just didn’t have a good burn or scent throw and needed a larger wick otherwise it tunnelled! Again, not interested in that game!

Our raw materials are all North American made.

We do not offer refills as we secure the wicks to the jars for safety so the wicks don’t move while your candle burns. Feel free to use the pillar jars as tumblers! Simply wash out with hot soapy water and remove the wicks!

We do not use essential oils. Essential oil growing depletes our land and renders the soil unusable for years! Essential oils are not formulated to withstand the heat of a flame. They break down under heat, can be extremely flammable, and some may even become toxic when burned. Essential oils are also highly volatile, meaning that they evaporate easily. This is great for diffusing but makes them unstable to use in candles.

Our pure Soy candles are also odour absorbers.

Soul Mates also offers private labelling and scent customization for a unique experience tailored to each business.